(I will never get over how weird and wrong it feels to type that instead of "Spider-Man.")

Marvel Comics' latest big event is Spider-Verse, which is touted to include "every Spider-Man ever" in at least some role. (Many of them have been killed off on the same page they've been introduced.) One of the latest issues featured the version from the 1978 Japanese TV series, which got some people excited. So Marvel, which had previously published all 42 episodes of the series on their website back in 2009, put up a blog post about how cool this all was and reminded people that the show was available to stream from them.

The blog post links the first episode, but it turns out the links to the other episodes are mostly broken and/or difficult to find.

It can be done, though. So I'm collecting the links here. Mostly for my own reference, but hey, some of you might be interested, too. The series is pretty interesting, actually, if you like the idea of a Spider-Man (excuse me, Spiderman) who got his powers from the extract of the blood of an alien from Planet Spider and who spends his time fighting an alien invasion of Earth which has been slowly brewing underground for 400 years with no one noticing.

His abilities include firing a braided nylon rope while shouting "Spider String!", very slowly climbing up the side of this one building in heavily-reused stock footage, and dance-fighting large groups of aliens in bird masks who like to do menacing group backflips in confusing jump-cuts.

Oh, right. And he has a flying race car that fires missiles from under the hood and a giant spaceship with the head of a leopard that turns into a giant robot and always uses the same finishing move (throwing his glowing sword into the chest of the alien monster of the day who suddenly grew to kaiju size in the middle of the fight).

(For the record, according to Marvel Spider-Man writer Dan Slott, this is also the show that kicked off the whole "super sentai" genre made familiar to US audiences by shows like Voltron and Power Rangers, which used footage from the Japanese shows but redubbed them with English plots.)

Spiderman's alter ego is a layabout amateur motorcycle racer. His father was an "astro-archaeologist" who was the only person on Earth who knew about the alien invasion but didn't actually do anything about it or even tell anyone. The freelance photographer who gets news of disasters and monster attacks is Spiderman's girlfriend. Her boss, the ill-tempered newspaper publisher, is an alien spy and chief henchwoman for the main villain.

The whole thing is just surreal, and it's amazing.

Episode 01

Episode 7

... And getting the other episodes is proving trickier than expected. They're there. If you click the "info" link in the player it brings up "related videos" and they're there. Just in seemingly random order. But you can click those links and bring up the next episode. But if you try to get the link to that episode, it gives you the code for the first video you watched, not the new one. Going to have to play around a bit...

... Okay. I've poked around as much as I can for now. I give up. I'll just have to make do with clicking through the "related" videos each time, I guess. Direct links are broken, embed code is broken, but the video is still there.


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