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( Jan. 12th, 2015 02:18 pm)
(I will never get over how weird and wrong it feels to type that instead of "Spider-Man.")

Marvel Comics' latest big event is Spider-Verse, which is touted to include "every Spider-Man ever" in at least some role. (Many of them have been killed off on the same page they've been introduced.) One of the latest issues featured the version from the 1978 Japanese TV series, which got some people excited. So Marvel, which had previously published all 42 episodes of the series on their website back in 2009, put up a blog post about how cool this all was and reminded people that the show was available to stream from them.

The blog post links the first episode, but it turns out the links to the other episodes are mostly broken and/or difficult to find.

It can be done, though. So I'm collecting the links here. Mostly for my own reference, but hey, some of you might be interested, too. The series is pretty interesting, actually, if you like the idea of a Spider-Man (excuse me, Spiderman) who got his powers from the extract of the blood of an alien from Planet Spider and who spends his time fighting an alien invasion of Earth which has been slowly brewing underground for 400 years with no one noticing.

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( Jan. 12th, 2015 04:34 pm)
As for myself...

I'm exhausted. My body has been fighting the Hetlioz. I can fall asleep at roughly the same time every night, but for a long time I wasn't sleeping well. Got the sleep study moved up. Took care of that last week. I have an appointment on Wed (first thing in the morning, unfortunately) to go over the results with the doc. But it's worn me down and I don't think it's sustainable.

Didn't get enough sleep last night, and I'm really freaking tired. But for the four nights before that I slept 10 hours a night... and still was so tired I could barely function. Spending far too many days too tired to get out of bed until lunchtime, if then. Yes, it's nice to be on a daytime schedule, but not at this price. Not if it means I'm too tired to do anything.

In other news... my dog has an appointment tomorrow afternoon. His last. He's old and tired and in pain and can't stand up on his own anymore and is turning away from taking his pills and doesn't seem to be getting much out of life and... it's time. Dammit. At least we got a really good decade with him. He's been the best dog I could hope for. Kindhearted, generous, intelligent, loving. I wish we'd gotten him his therapy dog license sooner, because he loved going out on visits but got too old and arthritic to keep them up after only a year or so. He was there for my grandparents in their last years. He was there for my nieces and nephews as they grew up.

Unfortunately, one of my nieces grew up to be allergic, so, even though she loved him as much as any of us, we're not getting another dog after this. It's going to be really strange here. And probably kind of tense.

I'll miss him. He's been the best.

Excuse me. Going to sit here and cry for a while.


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