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( Jun. 30th, 2014 08:37 pm)
Not having a good day today. Don't know why, but I'm just tired, woozy, and in pain. Yay.

Also, I'm almost out of Xyrem. They were supposed to have called me today about their discount program, since insurance denied it. Seeing the doc on Wednesday. I'll see what she's come up with. We may decide to give up on Xyrem for now and try the other medication (for the non-24 thing), since the two apparently may conflict. I'll see what she has to say. (Unfortunately, I'm semi-nocturnal right now and she only has morning appointments. So I'm going to have to miss half a day's sleep. Ironic, no?)

I wish I could tell if the Xyrem was really helping me, but the trips I've taken have disrupted my sleep enough that I just can't be sure. Would I be even more tired right now if not for the medication? Or has it had no appreciable effect? Maybe I should see if I can get another sleep study done.

Side note: I'd filter these entries so as not to clutter your feeds, but one of the few people who actually does still read my journal is using RSS. And I figure I'm posting at most once a day, so it can't be that bad, right?

In other news: The deal to buy out the guy's restaurant lease fell through. We're looking at other locations again, and I'm stuck with the legal fees and everything else. I guess that's the way it goes. But we've got a line on a promising space. I'm excited about it. Rent is higher than I'd like, and it's currently a white box so I'm going to have a lot of build costs and inspections and whatnot. But it's a good location and a nice space and I'd rather put the money towards buying the equipment I actually want than give it to someone else to buy out his lease.

Sleep log for the last few days )


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