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( Feb. 13th, 2014 11:34 pm)
Hey, can you help me? I'm running a game which involves fantasy settings based on popular songs (mostly classic rock). And I'm running out of songs.

So far I've got:

All Along The Watchtower by Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendricks
White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane
Puff The Magic Dragon by Peter, Paul, And Mary
Ramble On by Led Zepplin (I'm afraid to use this one because I know so little about LOTR)
Voodoo Cowboy by The Cat Empire (which is probably too modern for a proper Fantasy setting, and also I'm not sure how many have heard of it)
Weapon of Choice by Fatboy Slim (which takes place on Dune, which is more Sci-Fi, really, but could be stretched to Fantasy... but, again, I'm not sure how many people know it)
The theme song to Neverending Story (but that feels like cheating and I'm not really sure how I'd work with it)

And that's about it. I'm running out of ideas. What else is there?


hatman: HatMan, my alter ego and face on the 'net (Default)

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