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( Feb. 15th, 2016 05:10 am)
Things Donald Trump said in this weekend's Republican Primary debate:

  • The Iraq war was a huge mistake, and you shouldn't vote for someone who couldn't admit that until last year.

  • There were no WMD in Iraq.

  • The Bush administration knew that, and they lied us into a disastrous war that cost us trillions of dollars and netted us nothing.

  • The Iraq war destabilized the Middle East, bringing about the current situation.

  • We shouldn't cut funding to Planned Parenthood because, while he's against abortion, they do a lot of good work for women's health.

  • You can't just say that "Bush kept us safe" when 9/11 happened on his watch, and he ignored warnings from his own administration's CIA.

Man, that kind of reality-based rhetoric is going to kill his poll numbers. He's got to get out there ASAP and say something insane, hateful, or shockingly offensive (preferably all three) if he's going to have any chance of undoing the damage and winning over the GOP base.


hatman: HatMan, my alter ego and face on the 'net (Default)

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