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1. I can walk! Was in the city yesterday. Did a lot of walking. Didn't get out of breath. Didn't get exhausted. Actually, had a lot of fun. Wow.

2. Dental hygienists told me to get a battery toothbrush a while back. I did. They were happy with the results. But the cheap one I got at first had a couple of problems. First, it ran on two AAA batteries, which needed to be changed relatively often. Second, despite the rubber gasket, water managed to seep into the battery chamber, corroding the contacts. I told Dad one day when he was going out for errands, and he got me a Crest Rechargeable Spinbrush. And it has the niftiest feature: It charges by induction. Which means that both the brush and the charger are completely sealed and waterproof. No contacts. It's a little thing, really, but it's brilliant. (And I only need to charge it once a week!)

3. In the interests* of getting to know my new Dreamwidth friends, an old meme. LJ friends are, of course, welcome to play, too. :)

Comment on this post. I will choose seven interests from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are interested in them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so others can play along.

ETA: Was clearer last time I did this meme, but you're supposed to repost it with your answers in your own journal.)

(Since this post is about several things, please let me know in your comment if you want to play.)

*Er, so to speak.

4. What's the deal with SGA? I've seen it mentioned by a slew of Dreamwidth people. (Although it's possible that in a couple of cases I was misreading something about the SCA.) I watched Atlantis for a few seasons. It was okay. IMHO, it didn't hold a candle to SG1. And I found that when SG1 went off the air, I wasn't motivated to keep up with SGA. That's just me, and I don't mean to put down something that so many others obviously liked. I'm just wondering, though... are people listing SGA (but not SG1) as a fandom because they think SGA > SG1? Or is it just that SG1 went off the air first?

5. New icon! Whaddya think?

6. I've been reading a comic book series called "Take A Chance." It's written by C E Murphy, and is published by a little indie company by the name of Dabel Brothers. It's being published as a miniseries, with the hopes of picking up enough readership to justify an ongoing series. It's pretty cool.


It was a world much like ours. About five years ago, after seeing her son gunned down in gang crossfire, a woman became the first costumed vigilante. No powers. Just martial arts training. And it was a rough start. But, gradually, she learned the ropes. The media dubbed the heroine "Chance" after someone noted that, "This lady likes to take a chance." Then, a few years later, a North Korean WMD experiment got loose. Of those who contracted it, roughly a third died and a third recovered unaffected. The other third... got (random) super powers. They became a class unto themselves. They don't wear masks because they feel untouchable. Above everyone else, sometimes literally. You're either "one of us" or you're just a civilian.

That's the background. Our story picks up shortly thereafter. Chance is pondering her place in this new world. Whether she, no longer the world's only super hero, is obsolete. She quickly realizes, however, that her hard-won experience makes a big difference. Powers or not, she kicks butt. She's effective. And, perhaps more importantly, she's responsible. And she doesn't treat people differently just because they don't have powers.

There's more to it, of course. Her personal life comes into it. There's plot and detail and such. I don't want to give away too much. But... you've got a strong female character with her own identity (i.e. not part of another hero's "family"). You've got beautiful art (there are some scans over at the author's site). You've got an interesting set-up. And some pretty good writing. And a healthy dose of action. And let's not forget the Batman factor - watching a non-powered vigilante kick butt in a powered world is just an extra level of fun. I should mention, too, that there's a dose of realism. Practical details of life that (as Chance notes in her narration boxes) don't often show up in Saturday morning cartoons, and also things like the way she gathers actual legal evidence when she can, rather than confronting every bad guy personally and directly.

The first three issues are out now. More to come shortly. If you're into comics and looking for something new (especially if you're as frustrated as I've been with the Big Two lately), give it a look. Take a chance. I'm glad I did.

From: [personal profile] ex_autopoiesi457


Re SGA: I imagine people are specifically drawn to the particular situation/set of characters in SGA, as opposed to SG-1. (And of course, there is much character-specific shipping, of which I do not partake, but hey.) Perhaps some also find more that needs "fixing" in SGA? There was certainly a lot of missed story/character potential in it, in my completely subjective opinion.
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Re: Re SGA

I've certainly heard this posited, not just for SGA, but for (relatively) crappy shows in general.

Also, a handful of respected fic authors got into SGA early on and started being really creative in that fandom, and dragged a lot of people with them. Said authors weren't much in SG1 fandom beforehand. So you get people who came to SGA first. (I'm one of them, even though I don't have it in my interests -- I watched SGA because authors like [personal profile] cesperanza were writing fic, and then went back and watched SG1.)
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Re: Gimme five!

(That have anything to do with being a grammar virgin?)
hahaha! no :-)

(You said 5. Meme said 7. Consider the last 2 optional.)
So it did. I'm so used to seeing them have five that I skimmed the instructions part.

Will get on this when my brain is functioning better.
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That toothbrush looks nifty, and not too expensive! My dentist has been telling me for a while to get a spinny one but they tend to cost a lot... that one looks like a good deal though.

I'll go in for the #3 meme!
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From: [personal profile] mochi

1. I started playing Dungeons & Dragons when I was ten. My babysitter and her husband (who at that point were more like friends than people taking care of me) taught me and two other kids she looked after how to play. It became one of our favorite passtimes, and I always remember it as the most fun I had during the years we played together. Once I started high school, we didn't play anymore, and I've missed it terribly. I've played with some people at college, but we always run out of time with classes and everything else. Hopefully I'll have a regular group again some day.

2. An anime directed by Satoshi Kon. I first saw it on a day I was home sick from school. I felt really terrible, so my dad took me to rent a movie so I could just sit on the couch and relax. I picked Millennim Actress because I liked the cover... and then proceeded to watch it once with subtitles, and I loved it so much that I immediately put it back in to watch it without subs. My dad came home from work half way through, so we started it again from the beginning. So, I watched it 2.5 times in one day, and since that have bought it and watched it countless times more. I also watched it on my first date with my boyfriend.

3. Peach juice! It's so yummy! I don't know what more to say... hehe. I really like it. Peach necar is really strong, but nice mixed with other things.

4. I've always liked costumes as long as I can remember. My mother and I would make a halloween costume for me every other year, and then I would wear it 2 years in a row. In high school I started making one each year. I also put together some costumes for rennaisance faires starting around middle school. Then I found some friends who were into cosplay and realized that costumes didn't have to be just for halloween and renn faires! Since then I've made lots and lots and lots of costumes. I think it's one of the most fun things ever. When I'm in a costume, I can be whoever I want, and I feel a certain kind of freedom to be more wild and interesting than my normally more reserved self. Kind of like being on the internet!

5. My favorite color. I also like green, and the two together make a nice combination. I died part of my hair purple a few times. I also have a lot of purple clothes.

6. R. Scott Bakker is a fantasy author from Canada. I really like his style. I like his The Second Apocalypse series (see below) better than his book Neuropath, but Neuropath still had some interesting ideas. I'd like to see what he'd come up with if he wrote philosophy.

7. A very loooong series by R. Scott Bakker (see above). It's a fantasy series set in Earwa, which rather obviously parallels certain parts of real world geography and history, but with magic and prophets. The series is incredibly disturbing, and perhaps belongs partly in the horror genre as well as fantasy, but despite how much it disturbs me I can't stop reading! I am fascinated by the world and the characters Bakker has created, and his writing is of top quality (aside from a few overused phrases, like "the darkness came swirling down," which he seems to use every freaking time someone is killed. hmm.)

Now time to post these and the meme to my journal. ^_^
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Commenting for meme-fun!

Also, I watched the first five episodes of SGA just so I could read some of the incredible fic out there. (I.e. Speranza's "Written by the Victors") I never got into the show beyond that, but the quality of the fic out there suggests to me its one of the fandoms where the fandom surpassed the canon, and the sheer force of the writers kept people interested even in later seasons when I overheard a lot of complaints. I sporadically watching SG1, and enjoyed it, but never got into it overall. I am, however, very much looking forward to Stargate: Universe. It really looks like my kind of show.
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With SG1 I just watched episodes when they happened to be on when I was a teenager, which means I've seen episodes here and there in the first half of the show, I think. I never watched it in chunks.

1. Canada: Home country, obviously! I like to talk about it, too, and am very very fond of it.

2. Contemporary fiction: most of the novels I read fall into this category. I read older science fiction, but everything else tends to have been written in the last 10-20 years, often very recently. I really love post-modern fiction, which sort of falls into this category in my head. However, I've been terrible at reading anything as of late.

3. Kings: new show! That will probably be cancelled, alas, but it's lovely to watch something that's so beautifully made, and moreover, so unique. Hurrah for not another formula show - boo for audiences obviously not understanding it because of that.

4. Mtg: Magic: The Gathering. Which I slightly sheepishly play with my boyfriend, but really do enjoy beyond it being something to do with him. Don't ask me about the deck I'm working on and how much it might cost me to put together... :P

5. Tea: well. Not to much to explain there except that I drink it like a fiend, and it's my form of social lubricant.

6. Traveling: most of my traveling has been in Canada, of which I've seen 9/10 of the provinces (poor Manitoba got skipped), but it's especially relevant now because I'm going to Europe with my sister for five weeks in May-June. I love writing about the experiences I have when traveling - there's just something so enthralling and overwhelming about being elsewhere.

7. Writing: something I'm pretty darned new to - only started last February, but I fell in love with it, and apparently have at least a smidgen of natural talent. I've been out of the habit as of late, half because life overwhelmed me and half because I got overwhelmed with ideas, but I'm slowly getting back into it.

There you go! I like this meme, very fun and even somewhat useful. I should steal it.
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From: [personal profile] tea

Oh, hah. You are probably right. I'll stick it up tomorrow or something.

I'm with Picard: Earl Grey all the way. Well, that's what I drink 1-3 times a day, but I love trying new and random loose leafs when I can afford it.
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SGA is very different from SG1. It's a good show, and it's a crappy show. It has its moments.. and it has episodes that I groan at and will never ever watch again.

But.. some of the characters are fantastic, as are some of the episodes. So... that gets me through.

I think I list both SG1 and SGA as fandom... anything stargate, I melt at. (I am hopeless.) I think a lot of people like McShep... which would be why they'd only like SGA.

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#2 - Yeah, aren't the induction chargers cool? I remember when my mom first got one of the Sonicare toothbrushes. She showed it to me and I stared at it, looking at the charging base, and the bottom of the toothbrush, swearing that there were battery contacts somewhere (I hadn't heard of the induction charger yet) for about 5 minutes. Now it is getting to the point where you will be able to charge multiple devices (phones, laptops, etc.) with a generic induction charger pad.

#3 - I'll play along!
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From: [personal profile] chipb0i

1. bucky katt - a character in the comic strip Get Fuzzy (newspapers). It's a strip about a guy, his cat, Bucky, and his dog, Satchel. I have two cats myself, and can totally relate to various things Bucky does in the strip.

2. Christine McVie - a (sadly) former member of Fleetwood Mac, one of my favorite bands. I've been lucky enough to see them twice in concert, considering that they had broken up until they reformed in 1997. She also had a solo career, before joining Fleetwood Mac, and in the 80's, where they all went and did a bit of solo work.

3. Mercedes Lackey - a fantasy author I enjoy. She has written many different books, but my favorites are the ones in the Last Herald-Mage trilogy.

4. Plano - Plano, TX, to be specific. A place I used to live, and where one set of my parents still live, along with my 2 younger sisters. I really liked it down there, despite the heat, and would move back if I could. However, my partner says he will never move there.

5. Quarterflash - a band that was popular in the 80's, classified as a one hit wonder. It was the first album I remember listening to at home when I was 4, and had a song on it I really liked - Harden My Heart. Of course, I had no clue what that song was really about then, but I just liked it.

6. Thermodynamic Padma - Padma is a character from the webcomic Friendly Hostility, which is a spin-off of her first webcomic, Boy Meets Boy. I forget exactly why, but the creator of the strip, Sandra, asked that fans put this as an interest in their profile. I forget where the thermodynamic part comes from, its been a while. The strip is ending soon, and she has a new one she will be working on, with different characters, I believe.

7. Video Game music - this is because I like the music from video games, and have purchased/collected it, and listen to it like I would regular music. And these days, with the games getting bigger, music in video games is including words, and being included in the cut scenes. Game companies are also releasing official soundtracks, reworked, remixed, orchestral - any way you could want it. I have found many sites/communities dedicated to it - you could easily find music from most games starting back in the original Nintendo system.